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Fox 4 is Proud to be Sponsoring the Love Fund for Children

We value our longstanding relationship with WDAF-TV Fox 4; the station is integral in helping the Love Fund fulfill our mission of reducing the burdens so many children in our community face.

The Love Fund has been privileged to be WDAF-TV’s charity of choice for more than 30 years. The partnership is unique and beneficial, but often misunderstood.  The Love Fund is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of business and community volunteers.  This Board establishes its own mission and policies, budget, fundraising processes and goals.  Assets are not co-mingled, nor does WDAF-TV Fox 4 support the Love Fund financially, but with generous in-kind donations.  It is the responsibility of the Love Fund staff and Board of Directors to cultivate fundraising relationships with individual donors and corporate sponsors.

The employees of Fox 4 support the Love Fund throughout the year with in-kind support of the various fundraising activities.  Fox 4 also graciously provides the Love Fund with complimentary office space.  This allows a greater portion of a dollar donated to directly benefit the children we serve.

Acknowledging Fox 4’s generosity, the Love Fund for Children’s service area mirrors the Fox 4 viewing area. We address the needs of children in 37 counties in Kansas and Missouri, however, the majority of the cases funded are within the 6-county metropolitan area of Kansas City.

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